Marcellus High School

303 W. Arbor Street
Marcellus, MI 49067

Phone: 269.646.5081
Fax: 269.646.5021


School Hours

  • Middle/High School:
    7:50am - 3:06pm
  • Half Day Dismissal:


PowerSchool Activation Codes

  • Parents of Middle/High School students may contact the school office for PowerSchool Activation Codes

Lunch Prices

    7:30 - 7:46am

$2.40 Full Pay
$2.75 "Sandwich Central"
$ .40 Reduced Lunch

$1.00 Breakfast Full Pay
$ .30 Reduced Breakfast


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Middle/High School
Mrs. Lynn Wagner, Principal

Motto: Respect and Responsibility

Welcome to Marcellus Middle/High School's web page. We appreciate your interest in Marcellus Public Schools, a great educational organization with a commitment to provide every student with academic challenges and the support necessary for individual success. These pages are intended to provide information to the parents, students, staff, and any other person who is interested in our school system.


Midwest Energy
Strengthening Schools Grant

Biology II students have had the opportunity this year to develop and study projects for an alternate food production unit. Materials necessary for construction and operation of systems have been made available by funds from the Midwest Energy and their Strengthening Schools Grant, which was awarded in December 2013. All of the projects are still in the process of yielding results and will be capable of being carried over in succeeding school years. Thank you Midwest Energy for providing the funds to provide the following systems:

Broodstock Aquarium - Designed to house a reproducing colony of tilapia.
Aquaponics Media Bed – A flood and drain system, filled with lightweight, porous, media to anchor plants, which are watered by re-circulating water from fish containers.

Aquaponics Deep Water Culture Bed – A floating raft system, to support plants that are fed by continuous flow, re-circulating water from fish containers.

Hydroponics Deep Water Culture Bed – A floating raft system, to support plants that are fed by a continuous flow, re-circulating solution of nutrients.

(Pictured with the Hydroponics Deep Water Culture Bed – Dean Hicks, Lexie Boyer)

Music Department Master Schedule

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Homework Hour

Homework Hour is each day Monday through Thursday from 3:15-4:15 pm. Students may drop in, but are required to stay the entire hour.

High School Staff Conference Hours 2014-2015

Afton: 7:50-8:46
Soisson: 1:15-2:08
Carlson: 2:12-3:06
DeCou: 12:19-1:11
Draper: 9:50-10:45
McCloskey: 9:50-10:45
Moe: 11:23-12:15
High: 8:50-9:46

Cropsey: 7:50-8:46
Essex: 1:15-2:08
Farmer: 2:12-3:06
Fountain: 1:15-2:08
Earley: 12:19-1:11
Ross: 11:23-12:15

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